20 Meditations to Boost Your Confidence in the Morning

Most people don’t necessarily wake up feeling highly self-confident, full of self-esteem, and ready to take on the world. Some days you may wake up feeling out of sorts, tired, a bit low, or perhaps,  feeling like today isn’t your day.

On those mornings you are usually spent hitting snooze 7 times and then frantically rushing out the door. #nojudgement but having a moment to meditate likely seems unrealistic.

Good news! This doesn’t have to be a big 30-minute ordeal in perfect silence with candles lit.

Starting Your Day with Peace

Practicing meditation gives us the ability to tap into this confidence when we need it the most. And with a bit of practice, it will start to come more naturally. 

Confidence is something that can be developed. If you’re not quite there right now, you can work to build confidence each morning. Creating a mindful morning routine and/or evening routine can also make a world of difference!

The only way to build confidence is to work towards it every day. It is about developing a positive mindset and doing things that make you feel recharged, fueled, and ready.

I’ve gathered my favourite morning guided meditations to boost your confidence in the morning:

  1. Tap into your energy (10 min)

This guided meditation gives you a calm space to embrace and tap into your energy.

  1. Everything I need is within me’ (10 min)

When you feel lost, confused on your next move and not sure what to do, search for answers within you.

  1. Calm, clear, and connected (10 min)

Invite yourself to calm down and surrender to the clarity and divine connection that’s here for you.

  1. Believe in the Magic (14 min)

Tap into the magical energy within you and believe in its power.

  1. Listen to yourself (12 min)

Sit in silence with yourself so you can practice listening to your inner voice with love, empathy and understanding.

  1. Wise words from Oprah Winfrey (10 min)

Powerful words from Oprah Winfrey about courage and practice.

  1. Mantras to build bulletproof resilience & positivity

Change your perspective and find empowering mantras to help you reframe and course-correct from stress.

Powerful Morning Affirmations to Boost Your Confidence:

  1. I am the creator of my life’ (9 min)
  1. ‘I am Beautiful’ (9 min)
  1. Self-expression (10 min)

This will leave you feeling centered, whole, and inspired.

  1. Affirmation for confidence (10 min)

Infuse yourself with self-love, respect and joy.

For Those Mornings You Want to Say Yes to Life:

  1. Yes to life (10 min)
  1. Yes you can (8 min)
  1. Say yes today (10 min)

For Mornings when You Need More Self-Love:

  1. Radical acceptance morning meditation (10 min)

Show yourself the deepest form of love by radically accepting yourself for who you are

  1. You are so special (13 min)

Remind yourself how special you are, and celebrate all the things that make you so unique.

  1. You are extraordinary (14 min)

Give yourself a loving reminder that there is no one else in this world like you, and that the world needs you, just as you are.

  1. You are enough (18 min)

There is nothing for you to prove, that you ARE enough.

  1. You are worthy (16 min)

Marinate in your deep worthiness and extinguish any subconscious beliefs that want to tell you otherwise.

  1. You are divine (10 min)

Begin your journey of self-love with your connection to your divinity; the innate knowing that you are a very special spiritual being.

There you have it!

Meditation is not something that you can do just once or twice and instantly reap all of the benefits.  The most effective way to build the daily habit of meditation is to make it a part of your daily routine.

Let me know which guided meditation you love most!

Namaste, beautiful.


Taryn Raine