10 Mantras to Build Bulletproof Resilience & Positivity

As much as we love hearing and repeating the phrase “we got this”, when life throws us obstacles and challenges, it doesn’t always cut the mustard.

Amidst the pandemic, each of us has encountered unique challenges and stressors. It is important to muster resilience and summon our inner strength when faced with adversity, change and challenges aka ‘life’.

Let’s change our perspective and find empowering mantras to help us reframe and course-correct from stress. 

positive mantras

What is a Mantra?

The word ‘mantra’ has its roots in the ancient Sanskrit language. It is a combination of two Sanskrit words – manas (mind) and tra (tool), it literally means “a tool for the mind”.

According to an Indian yoga guru and prorponent of spirituality, Sadhguru, mantra means a sound, a certain utternace or a syllable. Mantra is something you strive to become. 

Mantras vs Affirmations

Mantras tend to transcend, focus and connect with your inner self. The most important part of a mantra is the sound, the vibration that the utterance produces. The vibration of the mantra has a frequency that carries the power.

Examples of mantras include single words such as “Om” or Sanskrit phrases such as “Om So Hum,” which can be interpreted as, “I am the Universe.” You can find a list of powerful mantras for any occasion here.

Affirmations are positive statements that you repeat in your mother-tongue language. You can use affirmations to boost your confidence or use it as a tool to release anxiety. You can create positive affirmations about anything in your life!

Examples of positive affirmations include phrases such as “I am whole and perfect the way I am,” “I am overflowing with abundance,” or “I am radiating with love and compassion.”

X Mantras to Build Bulletproof Resilience & Positivity

Mantras have changed over the years to accommodate our modern perception. It doesn’t need to be pronounced in Sanskrit to hold power. It can be something that resonates with you on a profound and personal level.

1. I don’t break, I bend.

This mantra reminds us that we are flexible, adaptable and unshakable in the face 

Adversity. When fear creeps in, it is a great reminder that we can handle it and will not 

fall victim to it.

2. Trust the process

Having patience, faith, hope and trusting the process of whatever it is we are going through will help us grow and rebuild.

3. Breathe

A simple, yet profound reminder to expand on consciously deepening our breath to calm

our body and mind.

4. I am enough

Simply because you are!

5. I love you. I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.

This life-changing Hawaiian method called ‘The Ho’oponopono’ will help you undo successfully unpleasant feelings of resentment, hatred, anger or even inadquace. 

6. In me, I trust.

7. Everything I need is within me.

positive mantras

8. I love myself, I believe in myself, I support myself.

9. I am in an attitude of gratitude.

Acknowledge the good things in your life and being grateful will bring so much positivity into our lives.

10. I am deserving and worthy of all great things.

Challenge your negative self-talk, shift your perspective, and course-correct whenever you can.

This is key to developing greater emotional resilience. Not every day will be great, but learn to trust yourself and realize that small progress is still progress! Repeat these words of encouragement regularly to yourself and watch how you tackle things that are coming your way like a warrior you are!

Taryn Raine