You Are Divine – Self-Love Meditation

Today’s self-love meditation will give you a chance to deepen your innate love for yourself.

Good morning, Beautiful.

This week’s meditations revolve around the theme of Self-Love.

So breathe in deep this morning as you begin your journey of self-love with your connection to your divinity; the innate knowing that you are a very special spiritual being.

So Let’s Begin…

self-love meditation


Close your eyes and come inside,

Settling your body so you’re comfortable and alert,

And slowing down your breath as you drop into that special space.

The space where your breath and your body and your soul are in sync,

Your mind is calm,

And you are here.

Fully present.

Be here for just a bit.


And if you find your mind wandering,

The thoughts spinning,

Or you being distracted in any way,

It’s okay.

Just come back to your breathe,

Perhaps imagining all those thoughts and distractions being released from you with every breath out.

Breathe in calm,

Breathe out the thoughts.


Your divinity vibrates all around you.

And within you.

And is one with you.

Feel its warmth,

And invite yourself to drop deeper into yourself.


You are divine,

A luminous being of love,

A special goddess who shines like no one else.

You did not earn your divinity through accomplishments.

You did not become more divine through the years.

You simply are divine.

And the more you connect with the magic that is you,

The more you’re able to share it with others and the world,

Through your kindness,

Your hugs,

Your work,

Your words.


So breathe in and feel the joy of your divine self,

The one who stands confidently in her specialness,

And who is deeply fulfilled knowing she is here to shine her light onto others.

Namaste, Beautiful.