Affirmations for Self-Expression (Self-Expression) Morning Meditation

Today’s morning meditation is filled with affirmations for self-expression.

Good morning, beautiful,

Our theme this week is self-expression.

And today, our meditation practice will flood you full of affirmations for self-expression. I hope they leave you feeling centered, whole and inspired.

So Let’s Begin…

women's teal and red floral scoop-neck sleeveless dress
Photographer: Leon Ell' | Source: Unsplash


So come deep inside,

Finding your breath and calming down.

Breathe in the freshness of the air,

And breathe out any thoughts or emotions that are swirling around.


And then drop into comfort,

So you can be present with these affirmations.


I deserve to be fully expressed in who I am.

I release the blocks that keep me from being the fullest expression of myself.

I am vibrant and radiating with light.


I let go of any fear that exists in me about being fully expressed.

I am creative.

It is okay for me to want more.


I am allowed to take up space.

I am allowed to speak up.

I am allowed to be uniquely me.


I am worthy of a self-expressed life.

I can be who I am right now in this moment.

I do not need permission to be me.


It is safe for me to follow my curiosity in life.

I surrender to the magical mystery of the universe, and to her divine guidance.

I am deeply in love with and accept all of me.

I am fully expressed.

Namaste, Beautiful.