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Start A Regular Meditation Practice

You already know meditation is incredible for your mental, spiritual and emotional health.  You may have even tried to meditate before. But, you can’t seem to get into the regular habit. You really want to and you know it’s time to figure it out.  

A regular meditation practice doesn’t have to look like getting up at 5am and meditating for an hour with incense burning every single day.  It can be so much more simple!  And completely customized for you.

Creating your own regular meditation practice can make you feel more calm, reduce stress and anxiety, help you sleep better and ultimately help you connect to your inner wisdom...which all lead to a happier, more fulfilled life!

Ready to feel more calm, connected and happier?  Learn how you can easily start your own regular meditation practice!

Listen to Some Free Meditations To Help You Get Started:

Setting Intentions for a New Beginning


Meditation is a Pause, a Chance to Listen...

- Katie Krimitsos



Get a Good Night's Sleep...

If you’ve gone just one night without quality sleep, you’ve felt the effects of being tired. Compound that tiredness over time and you have yourself a recipe for disaster.

Sleep deprivation can lead to loss of memory, severe moodiness and an inability to perform regular tasks throughout the day. And that’s not even mentioning the potential emotional side-effects of feeling depressed, angry or overwhelmed. 

Meditation can be a powerful tool to help you fall asleep and stay asleep! It lulls your mind and our body into the deep sleep you need so you can feel vibrant and full of energy every single day 

Click below to get a good night’s sleep tonight! 

Don’t spend one more night awake!

Top 3 reasons
to use guided sleep meditations

  1. 1
    Your mind: Guided sleep meditations give your racing mind something to do
  2. 2
    Your body: It forces you to focus on your breath, and therefore builds your body awareness
  3. 3
    Your subconscious: it permeates your subconscious with loving and empowering messages


Deal with stress and anxiety

Let’s admit it: we are not at our best when we’re feeling stressed or anxious. We can lash out at our loved ones. We can make bad decisions. And can we feel out of balance or disconnected from our true happiness. 

Incorporating regular meditation into our lives has proven to drastically lower stress and anxiety. 

Discover the Stress Relief Bundle!

Stressful things are going to happen. And meditation is a powerful tool to move through it effectively. 

Learn how you can reduce stress and anxiety now! Here’s to a calmer, more centered you. Every. Single. Day. 

Listen to Some Free Meditations To Help You Get Started:

Stress Relief: A Meditation for Stressful Moments


What other women are saying


Beautiful and Uplifting!

Beautiful and uplifting! Thank you and namaste.


Great Way to Start My Days!

I've never meditated before and I don't know what it would look like without a guide but Katie has the perfect voice and uses the perfect words and amount of time to make me feel like I'm actually meditating correctly!


Speaks Directly to My Needs!

This podcast is full of meditations that speak directly to my needs right now. Katie is fantastic and you can hear her heart behind her words!


I Love the Intention You Set for Each Meditation!

I'm a raving fan of your meditation podcast! I can't tell you how often you are part of my night time practice. I love the intention you set for each meditation and I consider you a definite part of my wellness prescription.

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