You Are Extraordinary (Self-Love) Morning Meditation

Today’s morning meditation will remind you of how extraordinary you are.

You Are Extraordinary (Self-Love Meditation)

Good morning, beautiful,

This week, our theme is self-love.

The intention of today’s meditation is to remind you of how extraordinary you are. To give you a loving reminder that there is no one else in this world like you, and that the world needs you, just as you are.

So Let’s Begin…

morning meditation


So take a second to get your body settled,

Relaxing into a position that’s comfortable for you.

And close your eyes.

Take a deep breath in and stretch your arms and your legs out wide, reaching as far as you can, opening up your fingers and your toes.

Hold that stretch for a few seconds,

And then exhale and relax your arms and legs, settling them into a comfortable position beside you.

Take a deep breath in,

Filling up your entire belly with refreshing air until it can’t expand anymore,

And then release your breath through your nose, as you lower your shoulders just a little bit more.

Bring your breathing to its normal rhythm,

Consciously slowing down,

Slowing down your body,

Slowing down your mind,

Slowing down the moment,

And let yourself relax.


Let yourself be here right now.

Aware of the miracle of your body.

Aware of the miracle of your soul.

Aware of the miracle of you.






You are brilliant.

Your laugher,

Your loving heart,

Your sense of humor,

Your beautiful body,

There is no one else like you.

And you glow…

Just the way you are.

Right now, in this moment.

Not when you’ve arrived at a place you want in the future.

But NOW.

Just as you are.



Every time you breathe in, your light gets just a little brighter.

More powerful.

More solid.

Because you know.

You know the strength of your light.

You know the power of your mind.

You know the beauty of your heart.

You know the depths of your soul.

You know…

You are extraordinary.

And this light reminds you of your greatness.

You are extraordinary.

Namaste, Beautiful.