30 Ways to Spend Time Alone

Human beings are social creatures and require social contact, however, we also need solitude to recover.

From a very young age, we are constantly encouraged to socialize, make friends, and form groups, and be obedient to authority. Staying in solitude is often associated with loneliness. In fact, research shows that people would rather be electrically shocked than be left alone with their thoughts because human minds are often wired to find inner reflection unbearable.

The Power of Solitude

There’s a huge stigma around being alone. But there’s a huge difference between solitude and loneliness.

Loneliness is usually associated with the feeling that something is missing or wrong. It can stem from not being comfortable with yourself or feeling like you’re an outcast or don’t belong, and it can often be unbearable.

When we spend time in solitude, we get the chance to sit and process our thoughts and emotions for deep self-reflection and inner connection. It increases self-awareness, boosts creativity, reduces stress, promotes relaxation and potential success.

30 Ways to Spend Time in Solitude

It’s not easy to sit alone with your thoughts for extended periods of time, but at this age when social connectivity is constant, it is essential for our mental health to frequently unplug and spend time in solitude. Here are 30 ways to spend time alone:

  1. Connect with nature and unplug
  2. Do what you love
  3. Meditate
  4. Set intentions
  5. Work on manifesting your dream life
  6. Practice journaling
  7. Find new affirmations for your week
  8. Write a creative story
  9. Set and reflect on goals
  10. Catch up on your favorite shows
  11. Watch an inspiring TED Talk
  12. Listen to a podcast
  13. Go to a comedy show or the cinema
  14. Visit a museum
  15. Explore your neighborhood
  16. Learn a something new
  17. Take yourself out on a date
  18. Go on a solo trip
  19. Make a bucket-list
  20. Switch up routine
  21. Practice self-love
  22. Get a massage
  23. Practice yoga
  24. Try a new workout class
  25. Dance and sing your heart out!
  26. Pick up an old hobby or try a new one
  27. Bake your favorite dessert and eat it without guilt!
  28. Cook your favorite meal and also eat it without guilt!
  29. Rent an AirBnB somewhere you like
  30. Do absolutely nothing

Solitude, even for a day can be extremely potent.

Build the habit of embracing solitude and you’ll find it easier to eventually invite more of it into your life. You’ll learn more about yourself and become more aware of your thoughts and emotions. In short, it’s one of the best form of self-care.

Taryn Raine