Stress Relief In Just 5 Minutes

There are so many things that can cause stress in our lives. Worrying about money. Conflicts in our relationships with others. Managing the endless tasks that seem to consume our days. Even excitement and anticipation for upcoming events can be stressful.

No matter the reasons, stress can come upon us quite easily. And because the effects of stress can have serious physical and emotional repercussions, it’s vital we learn how to deal with it productively.

Meditation is a powerful way to deal with stress because it gives us a chance to stop…breathe…and separate our thoughts and identity with the emotions of the present moment. It gives us a chance to step outside of the rapid movement that can come when we’re feeling stressed and instead…slow down.

The best part about choosing guided meditations when we’re stressed is that it doesn’t take that much time! Just 5 minutes of meditation can help us shift out of stress and invite in calming energy to our bodies, our minds and our souls.

See for yourself!

Here’s a guided meditation called 5 Minute Pause, completely free for you.

5 Minute Pause

Here’s to less stress and more calm.

Namaste, beautiful.

Katie Krimitsos