30 Days of Self Care Ideas

What is self-care? Is it really important? Or is it commercialized?

Self care is essential to maintain a healthy relationship with yourself. It means doing things that are nourishing for your mind, body and soul every single day by engaging in activities that help you stay healthy, happy and resilient.

It’s a great reminder for yourself and others that your needs are valid and also a priority. Because as cheesy as it sounds, ‘you can’t pour from an empty cup’ and ‘self care isn’t selfish’, they are very true!

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We are conditioned to constantly be busy, have stressful jobs, and/or too consumed with technology to make time for ourselves. What’s worse? Some of us sometimes feel guilty about taking the time out to take care of ourselves. Therefore getting started with self-care can be challenging for some.

That’s okay, we are constantly learning, we are constantly learning. I am here to help you! No matter which approach you take, the goal is to figure out what feels good for you, what works best for you at the time. 

Here are 30 days of self care ideas to get you started. Commit to do this for 30 days consecutively, and watch how you feel. Some of you might feel reborn, rejuvenated, ready to take on the world!

Day 1: Take a nap without an alarm clock.

Day 2: Buy a color book and crayons. Adult coloring is one of my favorite self-care activities!

Day 3: Clean up and beautify your bedroom. This helps to calm your mind.

Day 4: Make a Spotify playlist based on your current mood.

Day 5: Develop a relaxing evening ritual.

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Day 6: Unplug from email and social media today.

Day 7: Do absolutely nothing. Yep, you heard me right. Let your mind & body rest and see what comes up, and if you feel like doing something, do it because it makes you happy!

Day 8: Read some self-love affirmations.

Day 9: Unfollow or mute toxic “friends” on your social media accounts.

Day 10: Do some stretching exercises.

Day 11: Do yoga.

Day 12: Get a massage.

Day 13: Know your body intimately. Use a mirror and get to know your naked self. NO JUDGEMENT here!

Day 14: Go to bed early.

Day 15: Buy a fun treat for yourself.

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Day 16: Wear your comfy clothes, sip on a cup of tea or hot chocolate while reading a book.

Day 17: Lie down on the grass for a while.

Day 18: Bake a dessert you love. And then eat it without feeling guilty.

Day 19: Cook yourself a meal, and if you always cook. Order in. 

Day 20: Go for an adventurous walk.

Day 21: Listen to meditative sounds. 

Day 22: Watch the sunrise or sunset.

Day 23: Call an old friend and catch up.

Day 24: Have a picnic. Can’t leave the house? Do some gardening!

Day 25: Send a surprise care package or make a card to someone you love that are far away.

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Day 26: Make time for meditation in your day.

Day 27: List all the things or people that you are grateful for. Doesn’t matter how big or small.

Day 28: Try a random act of kindness.

Day 29: Do some quick, deep breathing exercises.

Day 30: Write down your thoughts and feelings that are bothering you. Then burn the paper. Such a good way to release & let go of that negative energy!

There you have it. Play around with it because self-care isn’t one size fits all. If you find it hard to incorporate that into your daily routine, make it part of your to-do list.


Taryn Raine