Morning Manifesting Meditation

Today’s morning manifesting meditation will give you the space to experience in your mind what it is you most want to experience in your life, so you can manifest what it is you desire.

Morning Manifesting Meditation

You can have anything you want to have. You can be anything you want to be. You can do anything you want to do.

And it all starts in your mind. And with your belief that you can manifest it, that you can make it real.

So the intention of today’s meditation is to give you the space to experience in your mind what it is you most want to experience in your life.

So you can manifest what it is you desire. This is a practice you can do every day to give yourself the space to live in the vision of having what you most desire. And the more you live in this vision of your desires, the more ready you are to receive them.

So Let’s Begin…

Woman preparing for manifesting meditation
Photographer: Sage Friedman | Source: Unsplash


Close your eyes and come with me as we take a journey into your mind.

The beautiful space of creation you have available to you.

Let your body settle, releasing any tension or pain you might be experiencing,

Lowering your shoulders,

Releasing your jaw,

Softening your stomach,

Relaxing your arms and legs,

And letting your body melt into deep relaxation.


woman laying down
Photographer: Cristian Newman | Source: Unsplash

As your body settles into this manifesting meditation, let yourself notice the thoughts that might be running through your mind.

Without letting yourself attach yourself to any one thought, just observe what those thoughts might look like from a few steps away.

Maybe they’re bubbling up slowly in your head.

Maybe there is a highway full of fast-moving thoughts, speeding through your mind.

Or perhaps there is one giant cloud of a thought, taking up the space in your head.

Whatever you notice, I want you to take a deep breath in and as you exhale, see if you can image yourself releasing those thoughts you observed, letting them all float away around you with your exhale.

And just notice how clear you feel in this moment. How light. How open.

Just be here for a bit. Present with this feeling and manifesting meditation.


From this space of openness, I want you to think about just one thing you desire right now.

Perhaps it’s a desire to feel healthy and peaceful in your body.

Maybe it’s a desire to be in a loving and vibrant romantic relationship.

Or even a desire for financial freedom, or time freedom.

Perhaps a desire for a new house, a car, or some material thing that will add value to your life.

Whatever it is, just see it in your mind.

This is your manifesting meditation.

Observe your desire,

And notice the details.

And let your senses help your desire become more defined and brilliant.

Notice the colors, the scents, the sounds, the tastes, the textures.

And take a moment to let your mind paint an even clearer, more intense picture of your desire.


woman blowing star dust
Photographer: Almos Bechtold | Source: Unsplash

Now imagine what it would be like to have it right now. This thing you so crave.

Let yourself become a part of this vision in your mind.

Step into it. This is your dream, your manifesting meditation.

Let your body feel what it feels like to have it,

Perhaps even feeling the goosebumps of excitement on your skin, or the smile spread across your face.

Let yourself be one with the emotions that come up as you see yourself experiencing your desire right now.

Feel your chest expand with air as you feel the love, the excitement, the joy and the thrill of having your it right now.

Observe your thoughts as they align with having your desire in this present moment, as you hear them say, it is mine. Thank you. It is mine.

Be here for a bit, immersing yourself in the vision of you having your desire right now.


2018 he we come!
Photographer: Miguel Bruna | Source: Unsplash

You deserve that which you most desire.

Open your arms to the power of this manifesting meditation.

Stepping into what it feels like to already have it is a powerful way to bring it to you.

So take a deep breath in, letting the air expand your chest and expand your belief that your desire is already yours.

And as you exhale, let yourself drop into gratitude.

Gratitude for this practice.

And gratitude for receiving that which you desire.

Namaste, Beautiful.

The Story Behind the Meditation

While we are all manifesting all the time, it’s not until we become aware of our own power to create that manifesting becomes such an incredible tool.

Over the past few years, I have consciously manifested money, seasons of incredible flow with my husband, business opportunities, furniture, an immediate opening for my daughter in a school with a 2 year waiting list, speaking gigs and so much more.

One massive part of the manifesting equation is being able to get into the emotional state of having what it is you want as if you already have it. This was a very difficult concept for me to embody at first. I mean, if I can’t pay my bills easily, how am I supposed to get into the state of feeling like I didn’t have to worry about money at all? That all of my bills were easily paid? I’m still feeling money stress over here!

But I practiced. A lot. And I still do. I practice allowing myself to act as if I already have what I most want. To act as if I have more money than I need (I literally practice feeling at ease and totally stress-free about money). To act as if I had that big house already. To act as if I already had a million women listening to my podcast.

And then I practice believing that it’s already mine.

There is more to manifesting than just this concept (taking inspired action towards what you most want, tuning into signs, etc). But I chose to focus on this part of manifesting in this meditation because it really forces us to shift our entire energy. It forces us out of our old way of living (and therefore getting what we currently get) and into a new way of living (that then attracts what we want). It’s big time mindset work and the results can be magical!

I hope you enjoy this meditation and the space it gives you to bring your dreams to life.