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25 Deep Self Love Journal Prompts That Promote Healing And Guidance

Feeling disconnected from yourself? It’s OK! We all have those moments sometimes.

And, honestly, it’s not even all that surprising. We live in a world where we’re constantly bombarded with messages about what we should be and how we should look. It can be incredibly frustrating to feel yourself falling into believing that you’re not good enough or that you’re missing something.

But the truth is that you are good enough—just as you are. You don’t need to change a thing about yourself. All you need is to take a moment to reconnect with who you are on the inside.

Regardless of where you are in your journey of self-discovery, it’s never too late (or early) to start taking care of yourself. Self-love and self-discovery is an essential practice that helps us understand ourselves and our needs and helps us get clear on what we want out of life. It’s a skill that you can practice anywhere through journaling and meditation.

Self love
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How to Use Journaling Effectively

Journaling is an effective way to dive deeper into the emotions you’re experiencing and get clear on what you’re looking for from this life. You’ll begin to notice patterns in your responses that lead to a better understanding of how you perceive yourself in the world.

Self love
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When you get started with journaling, it can feel overwhelming to sit down and just… write. That’s why we’ve put together a list of 25 deep self-love journal prompts that will help you navigate your healing process and get guidance on your journey toward self-discovery.

25 Deep Self-Love Journal Prompts

1. What do I love about myself?

2. What am I proud of?

3. What excites me right now?

4. Where do I feel most at home?

5. What’s my favorite part about my body? Why?

6. What does my ideal day look like?

7. What do I think is stopping me from getting what I want in life?

8. What do I need more of in my life right now? More love, connection, creativity, or something else?

9. What is one thing that has happened recently that has changed the way I see myself or others? Why did it affect me so much?

10. If money were no object and time was not a factor, how would I spend my perfect day off from work or school?

11. Describe a situation where someone else made me feel bad about myself without meaning to. How did it make me feel, and why did it affect me so much when it happened?

12. How often do I allow myself time for relaxation?

13. How have I grown from past relationships?

14. A list of 10 things that makes my heart sing!

15. A time when I felt very confident in myself.

16. How has social media impacted my self-love journey?

17. Why am I a great friend?

18. How do I know when I’m in love?

19. Who are some people who inspire me, and why do they inspire me?

20. How can I show more compassion towards myself and others today than yesterday?

21. What do I need to let go of to move forward?

22. When was the last time I went outside and truly enjoyed nature?

23. How can I make myself a priority today?

24. What is one belief that may be holding me back in life, and how can I challenge it?

25. Who can I be vulnerable with, and why do they help me feel safe enough to open up to them?

Love, at its core, is a choice. And so, the most necessary action—which often gets overlooked—is choosing to be loving and kind towards yourself.

These journal prompts are simple steps that help you identify your thoughts and feelings, acknowledge them, and then move past them to create space for self-love and healing.

It can be hard to commit to self-care and self-love or deep thinking about yourself when feeling down. You might not know where to start, and that’s completely understandable; this list is here to direct you in the right direction. Just pick a prompt, take a deep breath, and write. You’re making the first step towards healing and growth by doing so.



self love
Taryn Raine