80 Beyond Potent Self-Love Affirmations

Positive self-love affirmations are one of the many potent tools for a healthy, happy, and successful life.

We all have doubts and fears, and it doesn’t help when our brains just love to overthink! Research shows that the average human mind has around 6,000 thoughts per day. Almost 95% of them are repetitive and almost 80% of them are negative. Mind. Blown!

When those not-so-nice thoughts creep in, replace them with positive and loving thoughts/affirmations.

self love affirmations

How to Practice Self-Love Affirmations

The key to practicing positive affirmations is to really feel and believe them.

Saying them in your heart or out loud is one thing, but believing them and embodying the energy of affirmations is where the real magic starts to happen. Pick a few that hit home and resonate with you, and repeat them daily.

Personally, I love practicing affirmations in the morning, it sets me up with a positive mindset to tackle the day. You can also listen to bedtime self-love affirmations to rewire your subconscious mind while you sleep.

Be consistent, say it in front of a mirror, and trust in the process. Ultimately, there is no right or wrong way to go about practicing affirmations for self-love, so do what feels right for you.

80 Self-Love Affirmations to Rewire Your Brain for Love, Positivity & Inherent Worthiness:

  1. Today, I choose me
  1. I am worthy of infinite compassion
  1. I choose to stop apologizing for being me
  1. My life is filled with joy and abundance
  1. I love my ability to persevere through challenges
  1. I am providing safety to myself today
  1. I release the need to judge myself negatively
  1. I love my body and all it does for me
  1. I have enough
  1. I am enough
  1. I do enough
  1. I am worthy of love
  1. Love flows from within me
  1. I embrace my unique individuality
  1. I am beautiful, inside and out
  1. Everything I need is within me
  1. Loving myself comes easily and naturally
  1. I am grateful for all that I have
  1. I accept myself unconditionally
  1. I am strong and resilient
  1. My capacity for love is infinite
  1. Loving myself comes easily and naturally
  1. I let go of my past and live in the present
  1. I am growing each and every day
  1. I am a work of art
  1. I allow myself to feel deeply
  1. My life is a place of balance and harmony
  1. I let go of those who do not have my best interests at heart
  1. I have a warm and caring heart
  1. I can achieve anything I set my mind to
  1. I am exactly where I need to be in this moment
  1. I send love to my fears and doubts
  1. I have the power to change my world
  1. My mind is filled with loving thoughts
  1. I am powerful and confident
  1. I attract love and light
  1. I choose self-love whenever I desire
  1. I have a positive and healing effect on others
  1. I am proud of myself
  1. I choose to nourish my health
  1. The only approval I need is my own
  1. I am love
  1. I am the healer of my own life
  1. I honor my own life path
  1. I am capable of reaching my goals
  1. I am calm and at peace
  1. Loving myself means I am able to love others more
  1. My inner world creates my outer world
  1. I trust my intuition
  1. My life is full of endless opportunities for success and happiness
  1. I am a strong, courageous woman/man
  1. I don’t chase, I attract, what belongs to me will simply find me
  1. I attract what I manifest
  1. I am a divine energy
  1. I’m grateful to feel the air in my lungs and the beating of my heart
  1. I radiate confidence, self-respect, and inner harmony
  1. I am wise and humble
  1. I am becoming a better person each day
  1. I am worthy of abundance
  1. I have the inner strength to face life head-on
  1. My mistakes don’t define me
  1.  I take responsibility for who I am: the bad and the good
  1. I embrace all the positive things coming my way
  1. I have the ability to create anything I want
  1. Today, I will have an attitude of gratitude
  1. My imperfections make me unique
  1. I have a positive self-image
  1. I am not what society pressures me to be
  1. I deserve love, compassion, and empathy
  1. I am strong, beautiful, and confident
  1. My feelings deserve to be expressed. I allow them to flow
  1. I make time to take care of myself
  1. It’s ok to not be ok. I allow myself to feel whatever I need to
  1. I love myself unconditionally
  1. I allow myself to love, prosperity and abundance
  1. I am grateful for this mind, body, and soul
  1. One bad day does not make me a bad person. It makes me a human
  1. I respect myself
  1. I am perfect, just as I am
  1. I let go of the things that hold me back

Aside from the self-love affirmations, do the 30-day of self-care. Self-care is the ultimate act of self-love. Especially us women are so wired to care for others that we often forget about the love our own mind, body, and spirits need.

So, I encourage you to give yourself time every single day to pour into your own cup.


Taryn Raine