Self-Care for Bad Days: 32 Tips to Make you Feel Better

You know there’s a power in being positive, but there are days where you just feel like throwing in the towel and curl up in bed. Bad days are inevitable and everyone has them.

On those days when you want to run and hide, it’s important to honor your emotions. Yes, you are allowed to practice self-care and look after yourself. Practicing self-care not only favors your physical beauty, it also helps to improve your mental health, boost your confidence, prevent burnout, build healthy relationships, and set clear boundaries.

32 Self-Care Tips to Honor Your Emotions on a Bad Day

Here are 34 self-care activities you can do by yourself and for yourself. You can even write all these ideas on a small piece of paper, put them in a jar and take one to surprise yourself:

1. Go for a walk in nature
Taking a walk in nature will reduce feelings of stress and anxiety and improve your overall health and happiness. This keeps your blood pressure in check and reduces the risk of heart disease. Win-win!

2. Drink water all day long
Our body is made up of 60% of water. Drinking water stimulates the flow of nutrients and hormones that generate endorphins in your brain and leave you feeling happy. It helps you stay awake, boosts your daily productivity and flushes out harmful toxins.

3. Take a nap
Power naps can significantly boost your energy, mood, productivity and creativity.

4. Break something aka let the anger out in a healthy way
I’m not telling you to destroy your house, but you can tear up sheets of paper or break things that are no longer useful. It is really therapeutic.

5. Take a nice long shower or bubble bath
Something is relaxing and tranquil about water. The heat from the water can relax tense muscles that often happens on a bad day. Why not put on soft background music, light a few candles, and add few drops of your favorite essential oil?

6. Go for a long drive
Roll down the windows and blast your favourite songs and go for a long drive!

7. Watch a movie
From an iconic rom-com to uplifting comedy-drama film, this is one of the easier way to get comfy, give yourself a brief break from the world, and instantly put yourself in a bettter mood

8. Visit a day spa
Get a hair treatment, get your nails done, get a massage, get a facial, relax in the sauna, whatever it is that makes you feel good!

9. Avoid negative content
Take a mental health day and unplug if necessary. Protect your energy from negative content online and/or offline.

10. Go to bed early and get your beauty sleep
‘Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man, healthy, wealthy and wise’ were the words uttered by Benjamin Franklin. By adapting simple and mindful evening routine, you’ll find it easier to adapt this healthy habit.

11. Go to the movies alone
You won’t know how liberating and calming it is until you experience it for yourself – no distractions, no judgment and all the popcorn!

12. Practice mindfulness
Practice gentle breathwork, yoga and/or meditation to clear and calm your mind, shift your mindset and make bad days manageable.

13. Go out with friends or invite them over for tea
When you need help getting out of a small rut, friends really make the world go ’round!

14. Try something new
Even if this means styling your hair differently, trying something new and getting out of your comfort zone will boost your confidence.

15. Be kind and gentle to yourself and others
Not every day we are in a good mood, but have you noticed how your mood improves when you are kind to others?

16. Create an upbeat playlist
When your energy is low, listening to songs that’ll feed your soul can increase the pleasure-causing chemicals in the brain! Curate a playlist full of great vibes!

17. Make or order your favorite meal from your favorite restaurant
Treat yourself to whatever your favorite food is, and nourish your body and soul!

18. Gaze at the stars
Find beauty where you can, even if it’s just a little thing. When you look up at the sky and remind yourself that something bigger is always with you, things will become less overwhelming.

19. Dance it out and be silly!
As with any cardio-based workout, dancing release the feel-good neurochemicals, endorphins.

20. Get rid of junk and decorate your personal space
There’s no better way to bring harmony to your space than decluttering. While having a clean, decluttered space is aesthetically pleasing, it can also reduce stress and boost your mood.

21. The power of “I statements”
Reciting positive affirmations that begin with the word “I” trigger your brain’s reward centers to promote positivity and boost your mood.

22. Read an inspiring book
Whether it’s a new book or one you’re reading, take some time to read some more and let your mind travel to another world.

23. Watch YouTube tutorials & learn something new.
The feeling of excitement at learning new things, especially those which interest you or are of most immediate help to you, are sometimes referred to ‘Eureka moments’. This release of positive energy can help instil add purpose to your day and the promise of further learning can bring renewed focus for the days and weeks ahead.

24. Draw or colour
Put yourself in “artistic mode” and unleash your creativity by drawing or coloring to de-stress.

25. Video call your friends or family and have a virtual ladies/guys night
Spending quality time with someone you love is possible, even if they are far away.

26. Do absolutely nothing
By this I mean literally do nothing all day. Take 15 minutes out of your day to do absolutely nothing. You can lie on the floor or in your bed, sit in your favorite chair and do nothing! Trust me, it feels great.

27. Go for a jog
It might sound like something you’d be lazy to do, but 20 minutes in a day is enough to lift your mood. Especially if the weather favors you and you can feel the breeze on your face while jogging.

28. Practice gratitude and count your blessings
Instead of focusing on the things that aren’t going well in your life, remind yourself of everything you’re thankful for.

29. Do a random good deed or give without expectations of receiving
Being kind has been shown to boost not only others’ well-being but also our own personal well-being.

30. Create an accomplishment folder and celebrate your wins – big or small!
A personal achievements folder or jar will help you recognize where you’ve started and just how far you’ve come.

31. Feel your feelings and journal
Writing is cathartic. Taking the time to write what you’re feeling in a journal can help layout your emotions in a judgement-free space. Write whatever you want and roll with it.

32. Light a candle or use an essential oil diffuser
Candles or essential oils play a quintessential role in the upliftment and enhancement of our moods by employing the magic of aromatherapy to reverse negativity and bad energy by filling the atmosphere with soothing and calming fragrances.

There you have it. Whatever it is you are going through, I want you to know that going through tough times doesn’t make you any less lovable, worthy or capable. This just means you’re human. Being a human can be messy, hard, confusing and painful experience sometimes.

Remember that taking care of ourselves also means taking care of our minds.

Namaste, beautiful.

Taryn Raine