Yoko Ono (Wise Word) Morning Meditation

Today’s morning meditation is a chance to practice sitting silently in the brilliance of wise words from other women.

Good morning, beautiful,

This week, our theme is wise words.

All week, we’re sitting in stillness as we meditate on wise words from other women. There is so much wisdom to share in each other’s experiences and I hope these words from Yoko Ono today feel like welcoming splash of fresh water for your soul.

Yoko Ono is a performance artist and peace activist.

So relax yourself as we prepare to meditate to her wise words.

So Let’s Begin…

morning meditation


Bring your attention to your breath,

And invite yourself to drop into the position you know so well.

Adjusting yourself if needed,

And then taking one big, deep breath in,

Filling your entire body up with air,

Calling it into this moment now,

And then exhaling,

Releasing all the tension,

And thoughts,

And settling deeply in the now.


Now be here,

And let your mind, body and soul be open to anything waiting for you within these wise words from Yoko Ono.

“We’re all water from different rivers, that’s why it’s so easy to meet; we’re all water in this vast, vast ocean, someday we’ll evaporate together.” ~ Yoko Ono


Now come back to your breath.

Grateful for this practice.

Grateful for these words.

Grateful for this life.

Namaste, Beautiful