What Do I Need Right Now? – Self-Love Meditation

Today’s self-love meditation will give you the opportunity to gain clarity on what you need right now.

Good morning, Beautiful.

This week, we’re meditating on the topic of Self-Love.

Self-love calls for us to take extremely good care of ourselves. And to do that, we must be clear on the answer to one big question…what do I need right now?

Asking yourself this question regularly – especially in stressful or low moments – is a powerful way to gain clarity and connect with joy.

It helps remove the haze of confusion that can often lead us to making poor choices that can lead to burn out, depression or bitterness.

So this morning’s meditation will have some brief guidance to relax you, and then will simply ask you to sit in stillness with this question.

So Let’s Begin…

self-love meditation


So go ahead and take a deep, cleansing breath in,

Filling your belly with air,

And exhaling all the air out.

Take one more deep breath in,

Feeling the air fill up your entire body,

And breathe it all out.

Bring your breathing to a slow and easy rhythm,

As you sink deeply into comfort.

And just be here.


Aware of the circular, calming motion of your breathing.

Allowing any thoughts that pop up to be released with each exhale.


Find your stillness.


And for the next few minutes,

Invite yourself to sit in silence, with no judgements, no boundaries,

Simply being with this question…

What do I need right now?


Bring your attention back to your breath,

And slowly bring your hands together in front of your heart,

Bowing your head to meet them,

Grateful for this practice.

You are allowed to give yourself anything you need right now.

Namaste, Beautiful.