Unblock Yourself (Creativity) Morning Meditation

Today’s morning meditation will help you unblock yourself so you can invite in the creativity you desire.

Unblock Yourself (Creativity) Morning Meditation

Good morning, beautiful,

This week, our theme is creativity.

In order to invite in and feel the full flow of our creativity, we must first make space and clear out anything that might be blocking us from experiencing our creativity to its fullest.

So Let’s Begin…

morning meditation


So allow yourself to settle into comfort,

As a deep wave of readiness washed over you.

Bring your hand to your heart,

And let’s begin by setting an intention.

May I gently release any blocks that are keeping my creativity from flowing easily and magically within me.

Take a deep breath in, inviting that intention to fill you up,

And as you exhale, feel yourself release and relax.

And breathe…


Be here,

With your breath.

With your body.

With your soul.

Intensely present with all of you.

Softly vibrating with energy,

Slowly dancing with all that is you.


With your body relaxed,

And your mind clear,

See if you can identify anywhere you might be feeling blocked.

Maybe there are places on your body that are feeling pain or tension.

Bring your attention to them,

And let the hum of your attention warm and relax your body.


Perhaps there are thoughts or deep seeded beliefs that are blocking you,

Consciously or unconsciously keeping you from your full potential.

See if you can identify any of them now,

And then feel the hum of attention relax and dissolve them.


Now breathe,



And feel all those blocks being released from you,

Allowing the creativity to flow with ease.

Imagining everything within you moving freely and harmoniously.

You feel light.

You feel clear.

Namaste, Beautiful.