The Power of Patience (Patience) Morning Meditation

Today’s morning meditation is a practice to help you experience the true power of patience.

Good morning, beautiful,

This week, our theme is patience.

The true power of patience is the ability to free ourselves from a future we desire, and instead accept what is in the present moment.

Which infuses us with gratitude, love, and an infinite power to create from the now.

So Let’s Begin…

morning meditation


So be here,

Bringing yourself into this moment,

Bringing your attention away from any thoughts lingering around,

And just observing the snapshot of this moment.

See yourself in your meditation position,

Noticing your face,

Your body,

And your surroundings.


Take notice of any noises you might hear.

Just observing them and releasing any desire to place meaning on them.


Practicing patience means we become comfortable sitting in the discomfort of not having what we want.

So be here now,

Aware there are things in your life you do not yet have,

Situations that are unsettled,

Outcomes that are not materialized.

And feel patience flood into you.

Patience with yourself.

Patience with others.

Patience with the world.

Be here, and feel yourself accept the gap,

Become okay with the distance between the now and your desires.


Now feel the flood of patience give way to gratitude,

To love,

And to acceptance.

Breathe in and be here,

Swimming in the ocean of acceptance.

Feeling any stress,

Any desires,

Any frustrations leave you with every breath out.


Now come here to your breath,

And find your center.

You precious space of stillness.

From here, you can create a new story.

From here, you can create a new outcome.

From here, you can create a deeper, conscious life,

By pausing,

Practicing patience,

And accepting what is.

Namaste, Beautiful