The Power of Clarity (Clarity) Morning Meditation

Today’s morning meditation gives you the space to feel the power of clarity.

When we see things clearly, when we feel things clearly, we can take action with confidence.  

That is the power of clarity.  

The ability to know how we feel, what we value, where we want to go, or what we desire fills our sails with a force that cannot be stopped.  

No matter how fearful we might be, no matter what perceived obstacles there are,

Clarity begins the inertia of the intentional creation of our lives. 

So this morning’s meditation will give you the opportunity to practice bringing into focus things that may be unclear for you.

So Let’s Begin…


So let yourself adjust a bit as you settle,

Bringing your body and your mind into this moment,

Deep in the heart of the now.


Let your breath calm you down,

As you breathe in deeper with every inhale,

And breathe out longer with every exhale. 

Slow down.

And be here.


And see if you can imagine that you’re holding something in your outstretched hand in front of you.

Your initial glance at it is hazy and you can’t quite tell what the object is. 

So you come inside,

Deep into the heart of your soul,

Feeling the warmth of your home,

And take a deep breath in.

As you exhale, feel yourself surrender and relax into yourself,

Believing that connecting with your true self will bring clarity to the object in front of you. 


Now imagine yourself looking in front of you once again,

This time, your heart knows what you’re holding before your eyes see it with clarity.

And as your eyes drink in the shape of the object, 

You feel any hesitations, doubts, fears and confusion dissolving within you.

You feel free.


And clear. 

Namaste, Beautiful.

Ka'Tia Alderman