The Movements of the Soul (Movement) Morning Meditation

Today’s morning meditation is a chance for you to move your body so you can reveal the movements of the soul.

Good morning, beautiful,

Our theme this week is movement.

Leon Battista Alberti said, the movements of the body reveal the movements of the soul.

Our bodies and souls are deeply connected, and through movement, we can call forth that which may be hidden or undiscovered within our souls.

So this morning is a bit of a “freestyle” movement meditation. I’ll get you started with a bit of guidance, and as the music continues to play, you are invited to move your body anyway it feels called to move.

I encourage you to find a private space where you can move freely, without the perceived judgements of others. And I also encourage you to breathe out any judgements that may also come up within yourself.

So Let’s Begin…

morning meditation


So breathe,

Calling your attention into the beautiful movements of your breathing.

Slowing your mind down,

And finding the space within you that is ready to move.

All movement is good movement here.

And there are no rules.

So go ahead and invite your body to paint the air around it with movement,

As you pay special attention to any whispers from your soul that may arise.


Now bring your attention back to your breath,

And slow your movements down to a stop.

And be here,

Noticing your body,

And the movements of your soul.

Namaste, Beautiful