Take Intentional Action – Meditation for New Beginnings

Today’s meditation for new beginnings will help you become aligned in your intentions and your actions. So you can experience the fullness of your new beginning.

This week, our theme is New Beginnings.

There’s a difference between simply taking action and taking intentional action. Taking intentional action means we set ourselves into motion from a place of alignment. Our action is in line with our heart-centered desires, who we are now and our future vision. The action, therefore, becomes easy. Inevitable. And full of delicious momentum.

So the intention of this morning’s meditation is to become aligned in your intentions and your actions. So you can experience the fullness of your new beginning.

So Let’s Begin…

meditation for new beginnings


So let's begin by taking a big, deep belly breath in,

Going as deep as you can until you can’t inhale anymore,

Hold it for one, two, three,

And then exhale all that air out.

One more deep breath in,

And pausing at the top for one, two, three,

And releasing all that air out.

Settle into a nice, easy rhythm of breathing,

Feeling a little bit more relaxed.

A little bit more clear.


As you’ve been meditating on your new beginning this week, your mind has likely created so many things to do.

But today it’s time to slow down,

So you can connect these actions to the power of intention behind them.

So breathe,

And think about just one action you have decided to take.

Picture it in your mind, perhaps seeing yourself in the motion of this action.


Now, recall the deep desires we meditated on earlier this week, all those beautiful why’s.

And as you breathe in, imagine those deep desires infusing themselves into this vision of you in action,

And notice how much easier it becomes for you.


Now see yourself miles away from this new beginning, embodying the manifestation of your desires in the future. Created the way you’ve wanted to create them.

Invite the magic of this future to infuse itself into the vision of you in action,

Feeling another wave of ease,

A deeper wave of alignment.


Be here and breathe.

Connected to your desires.

Connected to you.

Connected to the future.

And feel those winds combine and blow their power into the sails of your actions.


Namaste, Beautiful.