Stop and Smell the Roses (Blossoming Meditation)

Today’s blossoming meditation will help you stop and smell the roses and enjoy the journey of blossoming.

Good morning, Beautiful.

We’ve been meditating this week about blossoming.

Blossoming is a verb,

A word that describes a process,

Something that happens over time.

Which means that it can be very easy to be in motion and focus on the bloom,

The end result,

The optimal moment when the flower is at its peak,

Instead of enjoying the journey it takes before and after.

So today’s meditation will give you the opportunity to stop and smell the roses,

So you can be present for every moment of your blossoming.

So Let’s Begin…

blossoming meditation


Let’s begin with a big, deep, refreshing breath in,

And exhale all the air out.

One more deep breath in,

And breathe it all out.

Now relax further as you drop into your body’s rhythm,

Breathing in calm,

Breathing out thoughts.


You have been blossoming your whole life,

Getting better and better,

With every moment that passes.

So stop and smell the roses today,

And breathe in the perfume of appreciation for what is all around you.


There is no perfect bloom to get to, my love.

No fairytale ending to seek out.

The magic is here,

In the intoxicating scents of the roses all around you,

And within you,

Reminding you of all the beauty of the now.

Namaste, Beautiful.