Sitting With Discomfort (Discomfort) Morning Meditation

Today’s morning meditation will help you pause and sit in the discomfort.

Good morning, beautiful,

This week, we’re meditating on the theme of discomfort.

There are times in our lives when discomfort sneaks in.

Times when we feel off or heavy,

Physically, emotionally, or energetically.

And it’s very common for us to feel the discomfort and do everything we can to get rid of it.

We take medicine,

We avoid uncomfortable situations.

We drink or eat or dive into a movie to numb the discomfort.

And that’s all okay.

But today I ask you to practice sitting in the discomfort for a bit.

Because there are lessons here.

Pieces of wisdom your soul is trying to tell you that lie just underneath the surface.

So Let’s Begin…

woman in discomfort morning meditation


So breathe…

And come inside.

Bringing your attention away from the outside world,

Away from your thoughts,

Away from the plans,

And into your body.


Let your breath slow you down,

And settle you here into this moment.

Breathing in,

Breathing out,


Now take a moment to locate where the discomfort is living in your body.

It might be the actual place you are physically feeling it,

Or a place in your body that is holding emotional or energetic discomfort.


When you find it,

Imagine a soft blue healing light surrounds it,

And bring your hands to rest on that spot if you can,

Letting the warmth of your touch melt into your body.

Be here for a bit,

And simply be with this discomfort.

Without attempting to make sense of it,

Without attempting to heal it,

Just sit here with it,

Open to what it’s here to teach you.


Now release your hands if you haven’t done so already,

And bring them to touch your heart,

And bow your head.

Thank you for being here with me today.

Namaste, Beautiful