Patience is More Than Waiting (Patience) Morning Meditation

Today’s morning meditation is a gentle guided visualization that will help you practice sitting in the waiting.

Good morning, beautiful,

This week, our theme is patience.

Joyce Meyer says patience is not simply the ability to wait, it’s how we behave while we’re waiting.

This morning’s meditation will be a gentle guided visualization that will help you practice sitting in the waiting.

So Let’s Begin…

woman preparing for morning meditation


Relax your body,

And settle your mind,

Inviting all of you to be here in this moment.

One with your breath,

One with your body,

One with the now.


Take a moment to bring to mind something that you want but do not have right now.

Perhaps it's a particular outcome of an unsettled situation.

Maybe it’s a material object you really want,

Or even a feeling or emotion that you crave.

Just bring it to mind,

And sit with it.


If it brings up any emotion or thoughts for you,

Simply notice those,

Resisting the urge to attach to them,

And find your breath,

Concentrating instead on the calming rhythm of your breathing.


Be here in the waiting,

The space of not having what you want,

Accepting it for what it is right now.

And see if you can practice letting go of any thoughts of planning, excitement or even sadness about the distance between you and what you want,

Surrendering into full acceptance of what is right now.


Notice yourself feeling lighter.

Feel your attitude shift as your attention moves focusing on what you do not yet have,

And onto who you are and what is in this moment.

More joy,

More gratitude,

More acceptance.

Be here,

And feel your patience grow.

Namaste, Beautiful