One Year From Now…(Journal Prompts) Morning Meditation

Today’s morning meditation is an opportunity for you to think about what life will be like one year from now.

Good morning, beautiful. 

Our theme this week is journal prompts.

Writing down our thoughts and feelings and dreams can be such a powerful experience. It can help us put words to what’s going on inside of us, bringing clarity and insights.  It can give us a space to dream about what we want.  Ultimately, journaling can help us get to know ourselves better.  And journal prompts can encourage us to write ourselves into places we otherwise never would have gone.  

This morning’s journal prompt is one of my favorites.  I love giving myself the freedom and space to write about what could be.  Without limits.  Without editing.  Just writing everything and anything that I could possibly dream up as I’m writing.  Most times, I end up writing things down that I never consciously knew existed within me, and it often plants seeds of possibility that I wouldn’t have otherwise had.  

This journal prompt is intended to be a fun one, one that gives you the freedom to play.  So enjoy it thoroughly. 

So Let’s Begin…


So breath deeply,

And then relax.

Call yourself into this moment.

This gift of presence you have given yourself this morning.


Let any thoughts go as they come up,

Coming back to your breath,

And back to being.


One year from now…


Who will I be?

Where will I be?

What will I feel?

What will I be doing?

Who will I be with?

What will my days look like?

Give yourself a moment to see what comes flooding in.

And then if you feel called, go ahead and begin writing, allowing everything to come out.

If you’d rather simply sit and breathe, you’re welcome to do that too.


One year from now…

Namaste, Beautiful

Katie Krimitsos