Morning Stress Relief Meditation (Stress Relief) Morning Meditation

Today’s morning meditation is for stress relief and will help you ease your stress.

Good morning, beautiful,

This week, our theme is stress relief.

I know you’re feeling stressed. Anxious. Uneasy.

Your heart rate is elevated.

Your mind is spinning with thoughts.

So come into this special moment with me,

As you unravel and dissolve your stress,

And step into a new, fresh moment.

So Let’s Begin…

morning meditation


So let’s begin by closing your eyes and relaxing into the position that is most comfortable for you.

And take 3 deep breaths in…imagining the air filling up your belly like a balloon until it is stretched as far as it can go…holding it for 4 seconds at the top…

And then releasing into a full breath out.

Deep breath in…

Count to 4 when your belly is full…

And then out.

And one more…

And out all the way.

Now return your breathing to its normal rhythm.


Take notice of where your body feels the most tense right now.

It’s most likely where you know you hold your stress.

In your shoulders?

Or your stomach?

In your feet?

Your jaw and cheeks?

Wherever it is, draw your attention to it now.

Imagine with every breath out, that part of your body softens.

Breathe in fresh air…

Breathe out the tension.

Breathe in relief…

Breathe out the stress…


Now imagine yourself surrounded by a white bubble.

A bubble that completely envelopes you, like a womb.

You are comfortable in this bubble…safe…happy…perfect…just as you are.

You feel completely calm and peaceful.

And you know that nothing can shake you here.

Nothing from the outside world, no matter how stressful, can harm you.

You are peace. You are love. You are light.

If any thoughts of your stressful situation enter your mind, just acknowledge them…

And one by one…let them go.

Namaste, Beautiful