Morning Movement Meditation (Movement) Morning Meditation

Today’s morning meditation is a movement exercise to help you connect your mind, body and soul.

Good morning, beautiful,

Our theme this week is movement.

And we’re going to begin the week with a morning movement meditation.

It may feel a little different to deliberately move your body during your meditation practice, as we often only think of sitting or lying still as the only ways to meditate. But, moving meditations are very powerful and a great way to connect your mind, body and soul…and find deep presence.

If any of the guided movements create discomfort or even pain, just back off and move in ways that are comfortable for you.

So Let’s Begin…

morning meditation movement


So let’s begin by standing on your feet,

Or, you can sit with your back straight and your shoulders back.

Bring your attention to where your body is connecting to the surface beneath it,

Feeling a warm energy gathering there,

And feel as it spreads throughout your entire body,

Awakening it,

Energizing it.

And breathe here.


Now raise your hands high into the air,

Stretching them out from your sides,

Making a big, slow circle with your hands,

Until they connect above your head.

Stretch your hands towards the sky,

Feeling the energy shoot through them and out into the world,

Spreading your fingers apart

As your arms and shoulders tighten.


And then release your hands back down to your side,

Exhaling big,

And relaxing back into your position.


Now if you can,

Invite your legs to slowly march in place from your standing position,

Or if you’re sitting,

Lift your knees one by one,

Or raise your arms from your legs to the height of your head,

One side and then the next.

And let yourself feel the rhythm of the march.

Pull your attention deeply into your body,

Feeling the movement.

Feeling your muscles.

Feeling your heartbeat.


Just be here with your moving body,

No thoughts,

No judgements,

Just presence.


Now let your marching stop.

And for the next little bit,

Invite your body to move in whatever way it feels called to,

Maybe moving your wrists,

Or lunging down to touch the ground,

Or even twirling around.

Whatever it is your body feels like doing,

Let it move,

While you keep your attention on the rhythm and motion of its movement.

Just observing,

And feeling.


Now let your body slow down,

And settle back into a seated position.

Feel the beating of your heart,

The warmth of your muscles,

The cadence of your breathing.

And as you bring your hands to your heart,

Bow your head and say a silent thank you,

Full of gratitude for this incredible body,

And the movement it’s given you today.

Namaste, Beautiful