Morning Meditation to Ponder What If (What If)

Today’s morning meditation will help you ponder the answers to the what if questions.

Good morning, beautiful.

This week’s theme of what if stems from a game my husband and I sometimes play when we’re walking together.

We’ll begin a sentence with what if and then complete it by stating something that we desire. Sometimes these statements are completed with big, seemingly impossible things, like what if we could all live in harmony with the planet?

Sometimes these statements are just a verbalization of what we want now, like what if I could finish my work easily and quickly every day.

And sometimes these statements give us the opportunity to say some big things we want, like what if we sponsored a big family reunion on a tropical island?

The what if game is fun and always provides an opening to think about what could be. Which immediately sparks a conversation between us, and inevitably plants a seed of possibility in our life’s garden.

So today’s meditation is simply a list of what if questions that are here for your pondering, while the following meditations will go deep with one specific question.

I hope you really enjoy these.

So Let’s Begin…

woman asking what if


So let’s begin by settling into comfort,

And slowing down your breathing.

Feeling your chest expand,

And contract,


And fall,

With each breath.


Slowing you down,

And relaxing you.


What if you loved yourself completely,

Exactly as you are right now?

What if you let go of all the expectations you – and others –

Have of you?

What if you weren’t stressed about money?

What if you forgave others?

What if you forgave yourself?

What if your relationships were thriving and blossoming?

What if you allowed yourself to follow your heart without hesitation?

What if it could be easy?

What if you were in optimal health?

What if you didn’t care about what doesn’t matter?

What if you knew it was all going to be okay?

What if it didn’t have to be so hard?

What if you allowed yourself to dream bigger?

What if you had all the time in the world?

What if you lived in harmony with yourself?

What if you emanate kindness?


Namaste, Beautiful