Morning Meditation to Help You Focus (Focus)

Today’s morning meditation will help you focus throughout the day.

Good morning, beautiful,

This week, we’re meditating about focus.

I’ve received a lot of requests to create meditations that will help with focus throughout the day. I know I can find myself so easily distracted. Focus is a discipline, and the more we practice, the better we get, and the more benefits we get out of our ability to focus. More efficiency in our work, more presence with ourselves and those we love, and more depth with everything we do. So, I hope this week’s meditations truly help you let go of everything in the periphery, and focus on what’s in front of you.

So Let’s Begin…


So let’s begin by settling into comfort,

Giving yourself a moment to adjust or move your body so you can release any tension,

And then coming into the position that’s best for you,

Where you can be relaxed and alert.

And then bring your attention inward.

Syncing with the rhythm of your breathing,

Becoming aware of the sounds around you,

And deeply feeling the sensation of your body on the surface supporting it.

Breathe here,

And be here.


If thoughts come up,

Reminding you of tasks to do,

Details to organize,

Emotions to unravel,

Just let them go,

Calmly letting them dissolve,

Into tiny pieces of sand,

Getting carried away by the wind.

As you come back here,

To your breath,

To this moment,

To yourself.


Stay here,

In the now,

Focused on your breathing,

And practicing dissolving those thoughts and emotions every time they arise,

Watching them get swept up into the wind,

And disappearing out into the unknown.

As you remain here,

Focused on this moment,

Focused on your breathing,

Focused on being in the stillness.


There will always be things that arise that want your attention.

But as you learn to stay here,

Present with yourself,

Focused on the stillness,

Your ability to see priorities and answers with calm clarity will grow.

Namaste, Beautiful