Morning Meditation for Self-Expression (Self-Expression)

Today’s morning meditation is a practice you can use when you want to be fully expressed.

Good morning, beautiful,

Our theme this week is self-expression.

Self-expression is defined as the expression of one's feelings, thoughts, or ideas.

And the purpose of your soul is to be fully expressed. That could mean that you wear the clothes that make you feel good and reflect your creative style; that you write or paint or build because it feels right; that you do work that makes you feel fulfilled; that you feel open and free to express your love to others; and ultimately give yourself permission to be yourself.



So today’s meditation will give you the opportunity to imagine what life looks like when you’re fully expressed, so you can carry those visions and emotions into your day.

So Let’s Begin…

woman in black and red floral shirt standing while holding red, yellow, and blue striped textile during daytime
Photographer: Sharon McCutcheon | Source: Unsplash


So take a full, deep breath in as we begin,

Letting your body, mind and soul know it’s time for stillness.

Allow yourself to follow your breath for a bit,

Inviting it to slow you down,

So you can be present here.


When we think of what life might look like when we’re fully self-expressed,

It might be helpful to think about the core areas of your life.

And as we go over those areas now,

Invite yourself to sit with whatever comes up,

Without judgements,

And instead with an open mind, full of curiosity and love.


Are you fully expressed in your body?

Your romantic relationships?

Your professional life?

Your family relationships?

Your friendships?

Your creativity?

Your finances?

Your spirituality?

Your emotions?


Just be here for a bit,

Gently taking inventory of your self-expression in each of these categories.


Now, for the next few minutes, give yourself the gift of creatively envisioning your life,

Fully expressed.

There are no limits.

There are no rules.

Just allow your mind to paint freely.


As we close our meditation,

Allow yourself to embrace the emotions that are here.

And know that you are worthy of being fully expressed in all areas of your life.

And that no matter what things look like now,

It’s all okay.

Namaste, Beautiful.