Morning Meditation for Prosperity (Prosperity)

Today’s morning meditation will guide you to welcome prosperity into your life.

Good morning, beautiful,

This week, our theme is prosperity.

According to Wikipedia, Prosperity is the flourishing, thriving, good fortune and successful social status. Prosperity often produces profuse wealth including other factors which can be profusely wealthy in all degrees, such as happiness and health.

And every single one of us deserves to be prosperous.

So Let’s Begin…


So relax,

And settle into comfort.

Soften your face,

Drop your shoulders,

Release any tension in your arms and legs,

And ease yourself deeper into this moment.


Fill your lungs with oxygen,

And take a moment to feel enormous gratitude for the abundance of air,

For your body that automatically circulates it and makes it all work for you.

Start here.

With gratitude for what is,

What you already have,

As a foundation to invite in more.


Now as you breathe in,

Imagine yourself sitting in a beautiful garden.

The green grass is soft and cool,

The pinks, yellows, blues and purples of the flowers are scattered all around you.

The butterflies dance with the wind and bounce from flower to flower.

The sun warms your face and illuminates the open space.

Everything is thriving here.

Connect to the abundant essence of your garden,

Opening up yourself to receive.


As you imagine yourself here, sitting joyfully in your garden,

Take a moment to imagine your life, rich with prosperity.

Envision your body and your mind in optimal health.

Imagine your relationships bursting with love and respect.

Imagine your finances overflowing with abundance.

You have more than enough.


Open yourself to receiving all the prosperity that is here for you.

Feeling it flow into you, as you sit peacefully in your beautiful garden.

Breathe it in.

And receive.


Now place your hands on your heart,

And bow your head.

You are worthy of prosperity.

You are worthy of anything you can dream of.

You are worthy of this beautiful, abundant garden.

Namaste, Beautiful