Mini Moments of Stillness (Be Still) Morning Meditation

Today’s morning meditation will help you find mini moments of stillness throughout the day.

It is common thought that the goal of meditation is to be still all the time.

To have a silent mind and a deep stillness for the entirety of the meditation.

But this is not true.

Meditation is simply a tool to use to practice touching our stillness, to practice letting go of our thoughts, to practice being present.

The true beauty of meditation is that it helps us to become more mindful of the moments of stillness we can experience throughout the day. And is the tool we can use to connect to it.

Mini moments of stillness.

Closing our eyes in the car when we’re parked and taking deep breaths before we walk into the house.

Feeling the warm water on your body during a shower with deep gratitude for the luxury.

Laughing with our kids in a state of raw presence.

So this morning’s meditation will give you the opportunity to kickstart your day present to all the mini moments of stillness awaiting you.

So Let’s Begin…


So breathe in,

And bring your attention inward.

Beginning our meditation with a wave of release,

Letting go of your expectations of what this should be,

What should happen,

How you should feel.

Let them all go,

Like the leaves of a tree falling to the ground.

And simply be here with your breath.


Use your breath as your anchor to this moment,

A way to bring you back when your mind calls you to dance with thoughts.

Find your breath and be here.


Breathe in refreshing oxygen,

Breathe out expectations.

Breathe in presence,

Breathe out the thoughts.


As the day progresses,

And you find yourself lost in thoughts,

Caught up in the swirling movement of life,

Come back here,

And find your mini moments of stillness.

Namaste, Beautiful.

Ka'Tia Alderman