Maya Angelou (Wise Words from Women)

Today’s morning meditation will give you the opportunity to meditate to wise words from Maya Angelou.

Good morning, Beautiful.

This week, we’re celebrating the wise words from a few of the most incredible women. Each meditation will begin with a quote, then a few words and guidance from me, and then space for you to marinate in the wisdom of these words and what they bring up for you.

So Let’s Begin…

maya angelou


So relax and settle your body,

Feeling the heaviness of your eyes,

Your shoulders,

And your arms.

Soften your chest,

Your stomach,

And your legs.

Be here,

Body relaxed and mind clear.


Today’s wise words come from Maya Angelou.

She says, “life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.”


Depth of PRESENCE. How deeply can I live in this moment? That’s what Maya’s words bring up for me. They invite me to live in the raw, to live with an open heart and present mind as much as I can.

To be there when me and my girls are laughing with each other. And to also be there when we’re angry.

To speak what’s in the depths of my heart to my husband with a mixture of power and compassion.

And to challenge myself to jump into the discomforts of life that I know will help me grow.

Let the music play as you sit with Maya’s beautiful words and be present to what they bring up for you.


Now come back and be here,

Finding the rhythm of your breathing,

And the beating of your heart.

Take a deep breath in to conclude today’s practice,

Inviting yourself to take today’s experience with you as you walk into the world today.

May you be present to all the moments that take your breath away today.

Namaste, Beautiful.