Love in Action – Loving Others

Today’s loving others meditation will give you the space to invite in more love into your actions.

Love in Action (Loving Others)

Good morning, Beautiful.

This week, our theme is loving others.

And today, our meditation will focus on loving others through our actions.

Love in action can look like many different things.

It can look like being present and really listening to someone who wants your attention.

It can look like reaching out to a friend, or taking your daughter on a special date.

It can look like making your family’s favorite dinner, or sending your grandmother a card.

It can even look like kindness to someone who hasn’t shown kindness to you.

As Mother Teresa said, “it’s not about how much you do, it’s about how much love you put into what you do that counts.”

So this morning’s meditation will give you the space to invite in more love into your actions.

So Let’s Begin…

loving others


So settle deeply into a position that’s comfortable for you,

Letting your shoulders drop and your jaw release.

If thoughts start bubbling up in your mind,

That’s okay.

Just notice them,

And imagine them being released from you every time you breathe out.


Be here,

One with your breath.

Here in your body.

Here in your soul.

Free of any worries, thoughts or emotions.

Just you.

Here in the stillness.


Feel a warmth in the center of you,

A glowing light of love,

Radiating from you,

Eager to shine onto others.


Feel the warmth travel through you,

Expanding into every fiber of you as you breathe.


How can you give love today?





Love expands, beautiful.

The more love you give, the more love you have to give.

There is always time for love,

There is always room for love.

And you are an endless source of love.

Namaste, Beautiful.