Let Love Expand (Forgiveness) Morning Meditation

Today’s morning meditation will help you let love expand.

Love expands. 

It creates more, even when you don’t think more is possible. 

It opens and raises and deepens and strengthens.

It heals, it forgives, it seeks to understand.

It seeps into the darkest spaces and shines its light.

So the intention of today’s meditation is to consciously let love expand inside of you.  So you can heal.  So you can grow.  And most importantly, so you can share it.

So Let’s Begin…


Go ahead and let yourself settle into comfort, 

Allowing your body to be relaxed and alert. 

And just start noticing your breathing.

The rhythmic motion of expansion as you breathe in,

And contraction as you breathe out. 

The cool air on your nose as you inhale,

And the warm air on your nose as you exhale.

The natural slowing down and relaxing of your body.



Imagine with me that you feel a warm, soft energy inside your chest.

It’s small and round and glowing with rays of warm, yellow light.

This yellow ball of energy illuminates you from the inside,

And as its light touches the spaces in your chest and your heart, 

You feel light.  

And filled with love. 


Now take a moment to think about one thought or feeling that may be causing you pain, discomfort or unrest right now. 

Identify where it’s living in your body.  

And as you take a deep breath in, imagine that you’re sending this little ball of yellow light to that place.

And just notice the mighty ball of yellow energy illuminating that space.  Casting out the darkness.  Expanding the light.  And letting love expand there.

Feel the lightness. 

Feel the love expand with every breath in. 


Now for the next few minutes, imagine that little ball of yellow light traveling to anywhere else inside of you where pain, discomfort or unrest is living. 

And imagine this small, yellow ball of energy bringing light to the darkness.

And let the love expand inside of you. 


Now bring your attention to your breath.

Noticing the yellow light glowing everywhere inside of you.

Feeling the warmth of love and gratitude running through your body. 

Now bring to mind a person or a situation that might be experiencing pain, discomfort or unrest. 

Imagine this person or this situation is a few feet in front of you now.  

With every breath out, imagine that your beautiful, yellow light leaves your body and embraces the person or situation you see in front of you with its energy. 

With every breath out, expand your light. 

With every exhale, expand your love. 

And watch as it engulfs the person or situation in front of you. 

Watch as it heals. 

Watch as it forgives. 

Watch as it seeks to understand. 

Watch as it opens and raises and deepens and strengthens. 

And feel as your own yellow light glows even brighter than before.  


Let love expand. 

Within you.  And from you. 

Namaste, Beautiful.

Ka'Tia Alderman