Let It Go (Stress Relief) Morning Meditation

Today’s morning meditation is for stress relief and will help you let go of the stress you’re feeling.

Good morning, beautiful,

This week, our theme is stress relief. Each of these meditations are meant for you to use in those moments when you’re feeling stress, or regularly so you can keep stress at bay and let it go.

So Let’s Begin…



Find a comfortable position and close your eyes.

Take a deep breath in, inhaling fresh air in and expanding your belly.

And when you can’t breathe in anymore, exhale and breathe the air out of your nose,

All the way out.

Take one more deep breath in, filling up your chest and your belly with cool, cleansing air,

And breathe it all the way out.

Bring your breathing to its normal rhythm,

And allow your body to relax just a little deeper.

Releasing your jaw,

Letting your shoulders drop,

Letting your arms and legs get heavy and melt further into comfort.

And just breathe.


With a relaxed body and calm breath, let yourself think about what’s causing you stress right now.

It might be a specific person, event or circumstance.

Or it could be a combination of many things.

Just allow yourself to see it in your mind.

Now imagine that this stress, whatever it is, is transformed into a butterfly.

You see her fragile wings softly flapping up and down as she stands on your outstretched hand.

You look at her, this embodiment of your stress and anxiety,

And see her beauty. See her delicateness. See her purpose.

And as she perches on the tips of your fingers,

She flies away, allowing you to let the stress go.


For the next few minutes, imagine each bit of stress you are feeling and each emotion along with it as a butterfly.

And as you identify each of them, watch as they softly perch on your hand and fly away.

Allowing you to let go of the stress, to let go of the anxiety. To let go of the heaviness.

Leaving yourself feeling light, calm and peaceful after each butterfly flies away.

Let it go.


Let it go.

Let it go.


There is nothing left for you to stress about.

All you have to do is let it go.

Namaste, Beautiful