Let Go of Your Attachment to the Outcome (Let Go Meditation)

Today’s let go meditation will help you let go of your attachment to the outcome.

Good morning, Beautiful.

This week, we’re meditating to the theme of letting go.

I see your dreams,

I see your goals.

And I see you moving towards them with fiery determination.

But true freedom comes when you let go of your attachment to the outcome,

And instead let yourself be fulfilled by the rhythms of your movement,

And fully awake to the music around you.

This is one of the big paradoxes of a dreamer’s life,

To passionately chase the longings of your heart,

And simultaneously let go of that for which you are striving.

So Let’s Begin…

let go meditation


So come with me,

Into this moment,

Into your breath.

Into your body.

Relaxing yourself into a nice, easy rhythm of breathing,

A nice, easy rhythm of being.


Now see if you can imagine yourself holding your hands out in front of you.

In them, you see something you deeply crave right now,

A goal you have,

An outcome you desire.

See it clearly here, sitting on top of your hands.


Now feel yourself softly throw what’s in your hands into the air,

Releasing it from you and what you want it to be.

Observe it floating in the space around you,

Unencumbered by your grip,

And changing its shape and size and color as it dances to the music.


Here your desires have a chance to play,

To shift and evolve into what they are meant to be,

Rather live in the box you have created for them.

So be here,

And simply observe the beauty of your dancing dreams,

And the invigorating freedom that spreads throughout your body as you realize that it’s really all about the dance.

Namaste, Beautiful.