Let Go of the Stories (Let Go Meditation)

Today’s let go meditation will help you let go of the stories you’re telling yourself that are keeping you small.

Good morning, Beautiful.

This week, we’re meditating to the theme of letting go.

There are stories you’re telling yourself that are preventing you from living your fullest, most vibrant life.

Stories about what is or is not possible,

What is or is not allowed,

Who you can or can’t be.

Stories that you’re conscious of and stories that live deep in the layers of your psyche.

We all have stories,

And they’ve been created with a pure desire to keep us safe.

But staying safe is not what drives a soul craving expression.

So today’s meditation will give you the space to let go of the stories that are no longer serving you.

So Let’s Begin…

 let go meditation


Bring your hands to your heart and take a deep breath in,

Feeling the air expanding your chest.

Let’s set the intention for today’s meditation.

May I let go of the stories that are no longer serving me with compassion and love, and a pure desire to live my most authentic life.


Lower your hands and settle into comfort,

Slowing down your breathing,

Slowing down your mind.


Invite your breath to search your body,

Search your mind,

And search your soul,

Seeking out stories that are no longer serving you.


They might sound like,

I’m too old or I’m too young,

There’s not enough time,

I don’t have enough energy.

Seek them out and gather them up in your arms.


Now sit here, with the old stories in hand,

And imagine yourself throwing them into the space around you,

Watching their power over you dissolve.


Breathe in deep,

And feel the refreshing air enliven you.

There’s new space here within you,

Ready for you to create new, empowering stories.

Namaste, Beautiful.