Let Go of the Ego (Inner Voice) Morning Meditation

Today’s morning meditation will give you a practice to identify and let go of your ego, so you can continue to transcend beyond her into a space of connectedness and love with your true self.

How tricky our ego can be.

She feeds off of fear and scarcity,

And leaves pain and suffering in her wake.

Her desire is to keep us safe,

But in doing so, she keeps us small and imprisoned.

And the only way to true freedom,

Is to recognize the ego when she appears, understand why she’s there, and let her go.

So the intention of today’s meditation is to give you a practice to identify and let go of your ego, so you can continue the never-ending practice of transcending beyond her into a space of connectedness and love with your true self.

So Let’s Begin…

morning meditation


So let’s begin by first coming into your breath,

Bringing your attention inward,

Riding the waves of your breathing,

Connecting with its rhythm.

Breathing in.

Breathing out.

Imagining each breath in cleansing you, preparing you for this new moment.

And each breathe out releasing any thoughts or emotions that may be sitting inside of you.

Breathe in, fresh new air.

Breathe out and release.

Breathe in.

Breathe out.


Now imagine that you’re sitting on a bench outside. The shade is covering you and the cool breeze kisses your cheeks.

You see a little girl sitting beside you, and you lovingly reach over and touch her hand.

As soon as you touch her, a colorful vision flashes in your mind.

It’s a recent memory of when you were mad. You can see yourself, your body and mind so filled with anger that nothing else seemed to matter to you. Maybe you shouted hurtful words, perhaps you did mean things. Maybe you let your mind fill with blame or judgement.

Just let yourself feel the heat of this touch. The heat of anger.


Now imagine that you now touch your hand to the little girl’s back.

This time, the vision is a recent memory of when you were scared. See that scene in your mind, coloring it with your rapid heart rate, the swirling of your mind with all the unknowns, the heaviness of anxiety that arose. Maybe you made poor choices. Perhaps you were disrespectful or rude.

Let yourself feel the weight of this fear right now.


Finally, let your hand now touch the little girl on the crown of her head.

And notice as the memory floods in of a recent moment when you were sad.

Feel the weight of your sadness fill you as you recall the depression, disappointment or self-pity you may have experienced.

And let it sit here with you.


Now imagine yourself turning to look at the little girl beside you, kneeling down in front of her so you can look her in the eyes and take her in.

She is your ego. Your fears. Your anger. Your sadness.

Your need to be right. The guardian of your identity.

She is not you. But she is a part of you.

A part that you can identify and let go of.

And a part of you that you can find peace with.


So take a deep breath in, inviting in forgiveness, understanding and grace for this little girl,

And as you exhale, embrace her with a big hug…

And then let her go.

And with every breath out, watch her walk away, further and further, taking with her all the pain and suffering she has caused.

Breathe her out.

And as you do, feel the warmth of peace in your soul.


She will return, your ego.

And that’s okay. She’s a part of you. But she is not you.

So anytime you can feel her with you,

Just come back to this meditation, give her a big hug,

And let her go.

Namaste, Beautiful