Knowing and Protecting Your Boundaries – Self-Love Meditation

Today’s self-love meditation will help you know and protect your boundaries.

Good morning, Beautiful.

This week, we’re meditating on the topic of Self-Love.

In my definition, boundaries are lines drawn, rules made or actions taken when you know what is and what is not okay with you in any given moment.

And knowing and protecting your boundaries is a core part of loving yourself.

In doing so, we make more room for what feels good. And proactively say no to what feels bad.

Boundaries change and evolve as we change and evolve. So this morning’s meditation will give you the space to explore your boundaries so you can gain clarity on what they are and any ways you can protect them.

So Let’s Begin…

self-love meditation


So close your eyes if they’re not already,

And take a deep breath in as we set an intention for today.

May I gain clarity on the boundaries I need to feel more joy in my life,

And release any judgements that may arise.

And may I be bold as I claim them.


Lower your hands,

And settle deeper into your position,

Letting the warmth of your calming breath pull you in deeper,

Its rhythm soothing you into a space of calm.

Be here.

Breathing in,

And breathing out.

Letting any thoughts float away,

As you sit in the silence.


Now take a moment to think about a recent time where you felt anger, or stress, or frustration.

Let yourself see those moments without connecting to the emotions they brought up.


Take a look at them.

And ask yourself this question,

Was there a boundary I could have set that would have prevented these emotions?

Perhaps you could have said no.

Perhaps you could have been more diligent about your schedule or daily habits.

Maybe you could have accepted help.

Give yourself a moment to simply sit with any of the answers that come up for you,

Careful to let go of any self-judgements that may come up.


Now take a deep breath in, inviting in courage and strength and an enormous amount of self-love,

And as you breathe out, relax,

And feel yourself aligned. Clear. Whole.


Today’s practice is one you can come back to any time anger, stress or frustration alert you that a boundary might be off.

So you can be kind with yourself as you get to know and protect your boundaries.

Namaste, Beautiful.