It’s Your Time to Blossom (Blossoming Meditation)

Today’s blossoming meditation will help you start your day with a fresh, morning calm.

Good morning, Beautiful.

Our theme this week is blossoming.

I chose this theme because as I write these meditations, we’re tiptoeing into springtime. I love the significance of spring just as much as I love the actual weather that it brings. Newness, freshness, bursts of color and life, and oneness with nature. But rest assured, you can experience these meditations no matter what season it is by you right now.

So Let’s Begin…

blossoming meditation


Let’s first begin with a deep, refreshing breath in, as you come inside and find your center.

And as you exhale, invite yourself into the space of stillness you know so well.

Relaxing your body,

Feeling yourself soften from your head,

To your shoulders,

Down to your stomach,

Your legs,

And all the way to your toes.


It’s your time to blossom, my love.

Time for you to stretch out the leaves you’ve been delicately embracing,

And let them taste the sun,

Let them kiss the wind.


Time for you to transcend the call to survive,

And instead shift your focus to thrive.

Time to share your gifts with everyone around you,

The bees who gather your pollen,

The squirrels who drink the water in your leaves,

The birds who delight in your bright colors.

You belong here.

Fully blossomed.

Fully YOU.

Namaste, Beautiful.