Imperfectly You (Vulnerability) Morning Meditation

Today’s morning meditation will allow you to sink deeper into the perfectly imperfect you that you are.

Good morning, beautiful,

This week, we’re meditating about vulnerability.

Part of embracing vulnerability is accepting that we are each wonderfully imperfect. That our dark parts are just as valuable as our light parts. That the things which we are so scared to reveal are actually part of what makes us so special. And it’s in the acceptance of this that we can let go of our attachment to the outcomes that may occur as a result of being vulnerable. Because we ultimately accept all of ourselves, no matter what others say or do.

So this morning’s meditation will allow you to sink deeper into the perfectly imperfect you that you are.

So Let’s Begin…

woman imperfect morning meditation


So breathe, dear one,

And connect with your breath.

Riding the motion of its waves as you breathe in,

And breathe out.

Let it slow you down.

Calm you down.

And bring you here.


See yourself sitting here right now.

Eyes closed,

Body relaxed.

And see if you can imagine that there are two different colors of floating bubbles inside of you.

The yellow bubbles are abundant,

And represent all those things about you that bring you to life,

That give you energy,

That make you proud.


The grey bubbles are here too,

Swirling amidst the yellow.

They represent the insecurities,

The shame,

The regrets,

The failures.

All those things about yourself that you may not like or are uncomfortable with,

And might be afraid to show others.


Sit here with them all,

The yellow and the grey bubbles inside of you for a bit.


And then come back to your breath,

And present to this moment.

All of you is love.

All of you belongs.

The yellow.

The grey.

And all the spaces in between.

You are so special,

And there is no one else just like you in this entire universe.

Namaste, Beautiful