Identifying the Ego (Ego Meditation)

Today’s ego meditation will help you pause in your thoughts and your actions to recognize your ego when she arises, so you can begin to choose something different.

Good morning, beautiful,

Our theme this week is the ego.

The ego is the part of ourselves whose priority is to keep us alive and safe.

It is designed to keep us small when we feel threatened,

Swim in fear so we won’t do anything that may cause us harm,

And separate us from others so we have a better chance of survival.

Ego lives in a world of scarcity, fear and separateness.

But if we can pause in our thoughts and our actions to recognize our ego when she arises,

We can begin to choose something different.

We can begin to choose more love, connectedness and abundance.

So Let’s Begin…

ego meditation


So bring your attention inside,

And away from the thoughts,

As you relax your body deeply.


Let your breath be the melody you dance to,

As you ease further into your special space of stillness.


Where has ego shown up in your life lately?

Just breathe and see what comes up.


Maybe you spoke words out of anger.

Maybe you needed to be right and made others wrong.

Maybe you shrunk out of fear.

Just be here and identify how the ego has shown up for you.

Without judgement,

Without regret.

Just lovingly becoming aware.


Now, invite these moments as an opportunity to choose more love.

To thank your ego for her desire to help,

And instead choose abundance, kindness and love.

Namaste, Beautiful.