Heal Your Body – Body Love Meditation

Today’s heal your body meditation will give you the space to invite in healing into your body.

Good morning, Beautiful.

We’ve been meditating all about body love this week.

And today, we’re going to use this meditation to invite healing into your body.

Whether you experience regular, chronic pain,

Or you’re currently injured or sick,

Or you simply want to enhance your body’s vibrancy,

This morning’s meditation will be a short guided visualization to invite in healing into your body.

So Let’s Begin…

heal your body


So come inside, my love,

And find the reliable rhythm of your breathing.

And see if you can slow it down,

By breathing in just a bit deeper with each inhale,

And breathing out just a little longer with every exhale.



Now imagine that with each breath in,

A soft blue cloud of healing energy enters your body.

Slowly, it comes inside,

Seeking out the parts that are in pain.

With each slow, calm breath in,

Feel the light blue healing energy find your pain,

Your illness,

Or any areas that need healing inside or outside of your body.


Now imagine that warm, light blue energy touching all those part of your body,

Releasing the pain,

Releasing the illness,

Releasing the discomfort.

With every breath out.

Release it all,

As you breathe.


Feel the lightness of relief slowly spreading throughout your body,

And imagine yourself softly glowing with the blue hum of health.

Namaste, Beautiful.