Harness and Share Your Creativity (Creativity) Morning Meditation

Today’s morning meditation is a guided visualization that will help you harness and share your creativity.

Good morning, beautiful,

This week, our theme is creativity.

One of the most fulfilling experiences in the world is when you’re able to share your gifts with others.

And your creativity – all the different ways it manifests – is a gift…unique to you.

So close your eyes this morning, and let yourself be guided in a visualization that will help you harness and share your creativity.

So Let’s Begin…

morning meditation


Let’s begin by taking a big, cleansing breath in,

Feeling the cool air fill every part of your body.

And then exhale, feeling your body release and relax.

One more deep breath in,

Inviting in as much oxygen as you can,

And then breathe out, all the way out,

Letting go of all the thoughts,

All the tension.

And feel yourself drop further into comfort.


See if you can feel it,

Your creativity coursing through every part of you,

Its bright yellow glow illuminates you from within.

You can see it moving,

Gliding along inside of you, like cars on a highway,

Spreading your joy, your intuition, your play…your gifts,

All throughout your body.


Now see if you can imagine yourself holding your hands out in front of you,

As if you were preparing to hold something in them.

You immediately feel the warmth of your yellow creativity traveling from inside of you,

Down your arms,

And into your hands.

A small sphere of yellow light forms,

And you can’t help but smile with joy as you harness the full beauty of your creativity here.


Be here for a moment,

Face to face with your creativity,

The glowing, playful energy that is unique to you,

Made by you,

Made for you.

And feel a rush of gratitude arise within you,

As its yellow glow brightens your face.


Now look up and notice someone in front of you,

It could be someone you know and love,

Or it could be someone you’ve never met before.

Breathe deeply as you stretch your arms out,

And lay your yellow sphere of creativity in their hands.


Notice the smile of joy that spreads across their face,

The lightness that enters their heart,

The waves of new life that lights their soul.

Your gifts make a difference to others.

Be here,

In the wonderful feelings of sharing,

Humble pride,

And connectedness.


Your gifts are beautiful and special.

And every person in this world who receives them is better for it.

So breathe deeply,

And let yourself remain open to giving it.

There is an abundance of creativity inside of you.

And there will always be more to share.

Namaste, Beautiful.