Gratitude as the Doorway to Abundance (Gratitude Meditation)

Today’s gratitude meditation will help you begin your day with gratitude so you can invite in even more abundance into your life.

Good morning, Beautiful.

This week, we’ve been meditating about gratitude.

When we regularly practice gratitude, we attract more of what we are grateful for and invite abundance into our lives in ways we cannot possibly imagine. And as that abundance comes into our lives, there is more and more to be grateful for.

So the intention of today’s meditation is to walk through the doorway of gratitude into the life of abundance all around you.

So Let’s Begin…

gratitude meditation


Let’s start by adjusting your body so you can settle into a comfortable position.

And take your first deep breath in,

Immediately pulling your attention from the outside world into your beautiful, physical body.

And then release your breath all the way out.

One more deep breath in,

Grateful for the cool air coming into your lungs and expanding your stomach,

And exhaling it all out.

Now return your breathing to its normal rhythm.


What is one thing you long for right now?

Hold the vision of it in your mind.


Now as you breathe out, watch that vision dissolve and in its place, see all of the things you currently have, or have had in the past, that are similar to this longing.

If you crave true love, for example, envision previous relationships you’ve had.

If you want more money, think about the money you currently have.


If judgements or emotions arise,

Just let those go, and simply BE with the vision.

As you look at this scene, invite yourself to think about all the blessings it has given to you.

What you’ve learned, what you’ve gained, what you do have.

And then say a silent thank you as you surround yourself with them all.


When we start with intentional gratitude for all the things and experiences we have in our lives already, it helps attract more of what we want.

So be here,

One with gratitude for what you already have,

And open your heart to receive more.

Namaste, Beautiful.