Give and Receive Breathing Meditation (Breathe) Morning Meditation

Today’s breathing meditation is a practice to give and receive as you breathe in and out, so you can settle into harmony of this beautiful cycle. 

We can give of ourselves so easily.  To our jobs, our kids, our significant others, our friends and family, and our community.  Giving is beautiful and deeply fulfilling.  But without the counterbalance of receiving, we can find ourselves off kilter…burnt out and depleted.  

Giving and receiving live in harmony with each other, just like the inhale and exhale of your breath.  We cannot breathe out, or give, too many times without inevitably needing to breathe in, or receive, in order to replenish.  

So this meditation is a practice to re-balance ourselves through our breath, to welcome the harmony of giving and receiving.

So Let’s Begin…


So relax,

And let yourself settle into comfort.

Ease yourself into that special place,

Where your body is relaxed,

Your mind is clear,

And your spirit is ready.


If thoughts begin creeping into your head,

Calling for your attention,

Just bring your awareness to the motion of your breathing,

And concentrate on its simple rhythm.


Let your breath pull you in deeper.

And watch as everything else dissolves around you.

The thoughts,

The fears,

The to-do’s.

Let them fade away into the background,

As you find oneness with your breath.


Breathe in,

And receive.

Breathe out,

And give.

This is our mantra.

To find harmony.

To find balance.


So breathe in fully now,

Imagining that what you’re receiving fills you completely,

In your mind, body and soul.

And then breathe out,

All the way to the end of your exhale,

Giving yourself to the world.


Breathe in,

And receive.

Breathe out,

And give.


Imagine that with every breath in,

The air fills every part of you that needs replenishing,

That craves wholeness,

That desires more.


Imagine that with every breath out,

You’re releasing a bit of yourself,

Giving to the world around you,

Feeling the harmony of this beautiful cycle.


Breathe in,

And receive.

Breathe out,

And give.


Rest in the harmony here,

Find peace in the equilibrium.

You deserve to receive.

You deserve to give.

You are whole.

Namaste, Beautiful

Ka'Tia Alderman