Full Body Healing (Physical Healing) Morning Meditation

Today’s morning meditation is a full body healing meditation that will help you dissolve any pain or discomfort.

Full Body Healing (Physical Healing) Morning Meditation

Good morning, beautiful,

This week, we’re meditating to the theme of physical healing.

We’re starting the week with a full body healing meditation that you can use any time your body is craving healing and relief. The following meditations throughout the week will focus on specific areas of your body. This meditation is not meant to replace any medical treatment needed for your body, but as an additional and complementary resource to help you in the healing process.

So Let’s Begin…

healing meditation in morning


So close your eyes,

And let’s begin by taking one full, deep breath in,

Reminding yourself to slow down and come inside,

And then exhale it all out, releasing your shoulders,

And feeling your body drop a little deeper into comfort.

Ease yourself into a natural, easy rhythm of breathing,

As you feel the motion slowing you down,

Relaxing you,

And bringing you here to this moment.


Now see if you can imagine for a moment,

That dark grey clouds are hovering over the areas of your body where you’re feeling physical pain or discomfort.

Slowly allow yourself to scan your body,

Identifying the pain,

The discomfort,

The tension.

And imagine these dark, grey clouds looming over each of them.


Upon first glance, these clouds can look scary.

But as you look closer at each one,

You realize that healing lies inside of them.

That each grey cloud is full of moisture that can ease your pain,

And bring refreshing healing to your body.


So open your heart,

Open your mind,

And open your soul to the healing that awaits you within these dark clouds.

I am open to healing,


The soft drops of relief begin to fall from the clouds,

And you can feel their waters begin to dissolve your pain,

Relieve your tension,

Heal your body.

Breathe in deep and receive the relief of the healing raindrops.


Now bring your attention to your breath,

And notice the raindrops have slowed,

And the dark, grey clouds have almost disappeared.

Take a long, deep breath in,

Filling yourself up with soothing, refreshing air.

And as you breath out,

Let your body release any leftover tension, pain or discomfort.

As you feel the comforting hum of healing all throughout your body.

Namaste, Beautiful