Follow Your Curiosity (Self-Expression) Morning Meditation

Today’s morning meditation will give you permission to follow your curiosity in life, so you can be fully expressed.

Good morning, beautiful,

Our theme this week is self-expression.

In Elizabeth Gilbert’s book, Big Magic, she speaks about allowing ourselves to follow our curiosity. So often in life, we feel like everything we do, every activity we choose, the work we do, has to have a definitive, successful outcome. But she challenges us to let go of that paradigm, and instead, allow ourselves to follow our curiosity instead.

Following your curiosity means that you simply take a baby step doing more of something that piqued your interest. If you really enjoy doing arts and crafts projects with your kids, perhaps you may consider taking an art class. If you enjoyed planting an herb garden, maybe you let yourself make a bigger garden. If you are really enjoying running right now, perhaps you join a running club.

Following your curiosity frees you from the need to make your activities mean something big. They allow you to do things simply because you enjoy them. Yes, these curiosities may lead to more formal or serious endeavors, but ultimately, there is no goal. You are just being self-expressed in who you are.

So today’s meditation will give you some space to imagine yourself following your curiosity.

So Let’s Begin…

round grey and black magnifying glass
Photographer: Markus Winkler | Source: Unsplash


So settle in,

And ease yourself into comfort.

And as you sit here,

See if you can recall the last time you pursued something simply because you were curious.


How did it make you feel?


Now for the next few minutes, I invite you to simply sit with what comes up as you hear these questions.

What are you curious about?

What has made you feel joyful lately?

What might it feel like to do more of these things without an agenda?


Thank you for being here with me today.

Namaste, Beautiful.