Enjoy the Journey – Meditation for New Beginnings

Today’s mediation for new beginnings will help you enjoy the journey.

This week, our theme is New Beginnings.

You have the power to create a new beginning right now.

Each moment of presence is an opportunity to reset, refresh and restart.

The nature of creating a new beginning indicates that we desire a new outcome. But the process of getting there is not actually about getting there. It’s about giving ourselves a reason to evolve. Allowing ourselves to be unattached to the outcome, and to deeply enjoy the journey.

So Let’s Begin…

meditation for new beginnings


So let’s dance in the freshness of this new beginning.

The place where your deep desires for a better tomorrow fuel your attitudes and actions of today.

The place where your dreams live vibrantly without the encumbrances of the struggles.

The place where anything is possible.

Breathe it in,

And let its intoxicating energy relax you.


And then Grace steps into your dance, moving alongside you, swinging her hips, and waving her arms.

She whispers to you that there will be moments of pain, disappointment and fear. And that she’ll be here with you, forgiving you, reminding you that you are perfectly imperfect, and worthy of dancing.

And then Possibility will arrive, putting her hands in yours as the melodies move you. She’ll remind you that you have no limits, that you can do anything and that it’s all possible.

And lastly, Presence steps in and embraces you all. Be here, she whispers, and honor this dance. This music, your body, your ability to experience it all.

Be here, beautiful.

And enjoy every step of the path it has put you on.

Namaste, Beautiful.