Connect With Your Deep Desire – Meditation for New Beginnings

Today’s meditation for new beginnings will help you connect to your deep desire that craves it.

This week, our theme is New Beginnings.

We have the power to create a new beginning right now.

Each moment of presence is an opportunity to reset, refresh and restart.

So the intention of this morning’s meditation is to start at the foundation of all new beginnings – your deep desire that craves it.

So Let’s Begin…

meditation for new beginnings


So let’s begin by settling into a position that’s comfortable for you,

Inviting your body to find its own balance of relaxation and alertness.

Dropping your shoulders,

Relaxing your jaw,

And releasing your arms and legs.

And breathe…


Observe your breath,

Letting it bring you here, into this moment.

Letting it dissolve the thoughts that want to steal your attention.

Breathe in,

Breathe out.

Inhale and refresh,

Exhale and release.


All new beginnings are born from a deep desire.

A deep craving from ourselves to become more aligned,

So that our outer world can more closely reflect our inner world.

A deep desire for change,

For an evolution.

And it’s this deep desire that fuels our new beginning,

Giving us momentum,

Nourishing us in the challenging moment.

So take a deep breath in, and ask yourself…

What is my deep desire?

Why do I want this new beginning?

And let yourself surrender to the answers that come up.

Without judgement.

Without a desire to organize or plan.

Just sit with them,

As if you were allowing the wind of your deep desires to kiss your face, blow through your hair, and cool your skin.

Just being here with its breezes.


Now bring your attention back to your breathing,

And place a hand on your heart.

Bow your head and allow yourself to end with this intention.

I hold these deep desires sacred,

And will do my best to let them lead my new beginning.

Namaste, Beautiful.